Sunday, February 18, 2018

4 big ones

MAXXXXX is 4! 
We love every little thing about this guy... 
He's independent, creative, loving, and soo fiesty! 

Grandma, Grandpa, Kylee, Dax and Brooks were in town on his birthday so it turned into an awesome family party.  He was spoiled with everything PJ Masks... because Max has "SUPER CAT SPEED", and "SUPER GECKO MUSCLES." (Or so he says A LOT)

The older kids went with dad and papa to sneak away to the river for some fishing, so us girls took the birthday boy and the other littles to the park and to mcdonalds to play! He was stoked... he said he wants every birthday to be the same as this one.  If only I could plan a park party every January :).  It's never warm in January!  But after Mcdonalds we headed home to meet up with the guys for cake, ice cream and presents!  

Some random things about Max.  
He is the worst at smiling for a picture- it's either trying to hard or not smiling at all. 
He loves PJ masks, Sofia the First and Spirit. 
He loves horses and can't wait to start soccer in a couple weeks.
His best friends are Natalie next door and Wesley from church!
Comes into our bed in the middle of the night 99% of the time but somehow doesn't wake us up.
Wears his cowboy boots everywhere.
He can be very stubborn but has really started coming out of this one lately... finally.
He loves playing "house" and being the dad. 
He's a very good big and little brother and adores them all. 
Loves playing any kind of make believe game with any of his little friends. 
He's learning so much at preschool and LOVES every second of it. 
Lately, he says everything is "So special."  He says, "Preston you can't play with that because it's so special to me." Even though it's like a match box car or something.

Max answered these next questions..
Favorite color: Blue and green
Favorite thing to do: Play horses
What do you like to do with dad: Fish
What do you like to do with mom: Fish too
What do you like to do with brothers: Play
Favorite place:  Mcdonalds (fresh on his mind)

 A couple random pics of my guy... The 2nd one perfectly sums up Max and his imagination!  Lots of toys all lined up with a special purpose :).  WE LOVE YOU MAX!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Years Eve bash

We love a good reason for a get together with friends! The kids talked about staying up until midnight for days and days... and of course they did (tried)!  Not the littles and Bridger just couldn't hack it and fell asleep a few minutes shy of midnight... but our night owl Parx could have made it hours past :).

The whitakers, cooks, byingtons and grazianos all came over and we had a yummy dinner, appetizers, desserts, played bingo with prizes, minute to win it games, had a dance party waiting for the ball to drop, and then stayed up till 1 playing cards with friends.

cooking with my boys in their new Christmas aprons. 


Nerds... Preston is obsessed with my phone.  I have to hide it all day. 

Minute to win it games... My kids favorite part of the night. 


HAPPY NEW YEAR... bring it on 2018.  

Monday, January 8, 2018


Christmas!!!! We started The Christmas season off at the annual nativity.  The neighbor girls tagged along for some fun too and we needed some angels for the picture :). We looked at nativities from all over the world, heard some beautiful musical numbers, made a manger ornament and got dressed up for our picture! This is one of my favorite traditions in Moses Lake. 

Parx and Bridger at their Christmas Program! They always do the best job.
 Max had his preschool program too (i forgot a pic).. little stinker was a punk!  He wouldn't sing or get off the floor for the first half of it.  It was super fun. 

The neighborhood kids hung at our house almost everyday of break and the kids sat at the table playing games! It was so funny to listen to them laughing and chit chatting together. 

Ty's work party... We totally should have got 1st place for the Gingerbread house decorating contest... it was rigged.  So thats a 1 1/2 finger that looks super goofy.

The agricultural parade is always a hit for the kids (and us).  This year Parx and Bridger got to ride on one of the floats in the parade.  They thought they were pretty cool and took the job very seriously, especially Parx!  He yelled, "Merry Christmas" non stop! The littles sat with us and ran around grabbing candy and enjoying seeing all the tractors and trucks all decorated for Christmas.  Preston loved the Santas and saying "HO HO HO."

 Our Ward Christmas dinner always has Santa!  He's awesome and gives the kids fun Santa bags and they all get to sit on his lap.  All of our kids loved sitting with Santa except our wee one.  Preston likes him A LOT from a distance :). 

This year Ty's family came to our house for Christmas! It was awesssomme. Jess, Ken, Taya, Hailee, Brendan, Grandma Kathy and Papa Ben! We were stoked and stayed up late playing games every single night. My kinda party!

The goods... They get to ask for 1 want, 1 need, 1 book, and something spiritual.  
Max asked for horses, cowboy boots (need :)), horse books, and a tie.
Preston wanted horses, books (he is obsessed with books), socks (need) and nothing spiritual
Parx: Nerf gun, under shirts, I Survived books, and ties/belt
Bridger: Bow and arrows, new backpack, Magic Tree House books, and ties/belt

MAX                      PRESTON
                                                   PARX                           BRIDGER

Ty reading the Christmas Story to the kiddos before we could go down and see if Santa showed up.  I love this tradition because I LOVE my Savior and remembering Him before we get started. 

This pic of Bridger still makes me laugh... 
We played the saran wrap game and there was a giant jaw breaker at the very end that all the kids really wanted. Well, Parx got nothing the entire game so when Aunt Jess won it she said he could have it.  Parx wouldn't share with anybody.. he guarded that thing like a hawk! Well... I snuck Bridger in for a lick and he went about his business.  About 5 minutes later I looked at him and there was blue ALL OVER HIS FACE!! Parx walked upstairs right then and he was caught!! oops. But how did he get that messy???? (this pic was after he wiped his face once.. I made him stop for the pic).

These kids had some epic nerf wars after they made this haul on Christmas! Guns, ammo, vests, masks, walkie talkies... you name it and I think they got it. 

Hubby and Uncle Kenny on our date night! Haylee and Taya babysit while we had an evening away... it was so fun. 

We went sledding twice over break and the 2nd time Uncle Kenny put Preston in the car. With no shoes haha.  He wore gloves on his feet and all was well...

Last but not least,  MY BED! I got my first ever headboard/footboard grown up bed for Christmas! and best part.. Ty made it!  IIIII LLLLOOOOVVVEEE IIIIITTTTT!!
 I'm officially an adult as off 2017. 

Merry Christmas everyone!