Tuesday, August 8, 2017

End of the year Kinder Fieldtrip

ohhhhhh I'm melting reliving this day. 
Bridger's class went to the fire house and got to have a tour and ride the trucks! Families were invited so I brought along Max and Preston :).  I was worried about how this would go since we had to meet at the classroom and walk to the station and then back again.  Preston likes to be out of the stroller and gets kinda crazy.  But it all worked out and Bridger was just the cutest big brother EVER.  He never took his hands off Max and totally just took care of him.  It was the sweetest thing!! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

dirty thirty...

I'm 30! I closed out one decade and opened another! Pretty pumped to see what the next 10 years brings because the last 10 have been fabulous... we brought 4 babies into the world! So crazy!

 My bday weekend we played in a sweet golf tourney with the Redfords that was 9 holes in the evening, then we went in for a BBQ, then the last 9 we played in the pitch black with glow in the dark balls! It was cool and super trippy.

My big birthday wish was a fishing trip that is scheduled for September... that's what I'm REALLY looking forward to! 

Lake House

Montana is amazing! I never get enough of how beautiful it is! 
This year the kids were super fun.  Parx and Bridger are totally independent and never stop playing, fishing, and swimming.  They are pretty infatuated with uncle taylor and are his shadow.  They also loved playing ping pong and having fires!  Max Fisher has turned into a crazy fisherboy just like Parx. He was totally obsessed with all the fish and loved catching them and letting them go. He's our more cautious kid and doesn't really love tubing or being very adventurous, he'd prefer to just watch.  He did like to swim in the shallow end though or hold onto our backs in the deep end! Preston wasn't afraid of anything and would swim with us and loved tubing,and he LOVED looking at the fish and holding them. 

Max was ready to head out...

When the big boat breaks down and we want to go hiking... jet ski and fishing boat for the WIN! Or maybe it was a loss... looking back it wasn't our smartest idea.  

On our way home... milkshakes and our favorite rest area where we feed/pet the ground hogs or whatever they are!