Saturday, March 25, 2017

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas (in March). I'm trying to play catch up with my blog but its taking me FOREVER. We had a fun filled December celebrating the birth of Christ. We were SOOOO busy that I promised myself I wouldn't plan one thing next year on the weekends in Dec... we will see if that really happens.  We barely had time to go get a Christmas tree!! Good thing for the cute lady that lets people pick and cut trees off of her property... I LOVE choosing our own tree even if we only have 30 minutes.  Next year i'm hoping for an adventure since the kiddos will be older! 

One of my favorite Moses Lake Christmas traditions...Ty was reffing so I braved the nativity alone.  Parx was my Joseph :). 

Our lovely tree...I think it was our best one yet!

Gingerbread villages... is it possible to get smiles from kids at the same time? i think not.  Parx looks so old to me sometimes and it's weirding me out!  Max still beats to his own drum and orneriness and Bridger is turning into a ninja right before my eyes (the ninja, Ky, to be specific...he wants a new brother named Ky now too).  He's always just thrashing about and pretend punching.. He is also my kiddo that is going to wear out all the knees in his pants because he loves to run and slide on his knees!! It's fun to see the differences in their personalities.

 SANTA!!! Preston LOVED him... it was the cutest thing EVER!! He wanted onsies, sippys and baby food. I think if he could talk all he would have asked for was food. He's an eating machine. 

 Max was all business... no messing around.  I want a bike and playdough. On his list at home he also asked for a bear book.

Bridger asked for a BB gun, a Charlie Bacon book and a tie.

Parx wanted a 12 volt 360, Who Would Win? books, and a belt.

A favorite memory of Christmas 2016... THE SNOW!! We went sledding which turned into a giant snowball fight and playing on playground covered in snow. Ty looked studly in dad's jean jacket and I was styling in Taylor's old Abercrombie coat!

Many many many hours were spent outside building snow caves... One of them was big enough that they could have slept in it! I'm kicking myself for not letting them. 

Every night we went hookie bobbin through the neighborhood! The kids had a blast!!! While one was behind the four wheeler the other was building snow caves... and Max was our little buddy driving the four wheeler and cousin Dax sat on my lap on the back the entire time! 

BAHAHAHAHA.... speak out! This game is HILARIOUS!! Especially playing with this guy..

Okay...everything is hilarious with this guy! The brine bag broke but luckily the turkey clogged the drain and we salvaged the brine... cup by cup we got it all back! 

 I made some cookie dough and let the kiddos cut them out and decorate for Santa....Dax and Max weren't tons of help this year... they ate more than they decorated :).  Max just eats the frosting off of everything and then re-frosts...

Parx santa...




Christmas Day...

Saturday, March 4, 2017


This guy!!! 8 is a big one and we couldn't be more proud. 

Parx's answers....
Best friend: Matthew
What do you love to do for fun: Play huntic and warrior, play ninjas, play spy kids, legos, fishing, swimming, exploring, camping, hiking, lake house trip, basketball, bay blades, sports.
Favorite sport: fishing
Favorite sports player: Steph Curry
Favorite movie: Chasing Monsters
Favorite food: Chili and mashed potatoes
Favorite dessert: dirt dessert
Favorite thing about school: PE 
What do you want to be when you grow up: Fisherman, hockey player, basketbal player, and baseball player...  (dream big kid!)
Favorite thing about Bridger: Being crazy
Favorite thing about Max: Being so funny
Favorite thing about Preston: Being cute
How did it feel to get baptized: Awesome and cleaner.

His BAPTISM day...
 He has been looking forward to this day for a very long time.  Parx is a special kid and it was such a great experience for the entire family.  So many people traveled to be apart of his special day, and many other friends from Moses came to celebrate. He is blessed with a great support system... (we are all),  He is a great example to all of us!