Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring soccer

We LOOVVVEE watching this boy play soccer! He's a goal scoring machine and loves to win.  He counts the goals and knows the score at all times.  I'm afraid he got his parents competitive spirit... it has been passed down from generation to generation.  Winning isn't everything.. or is it?? ;)

Spring break

SPRING BREAK 2017... to grandmothers house we go!! We love adventures... we like to fit in as much as possible during spring break and party hard.  It was AWESOME and I survived a week with all the kiddos without Ty and it wasn't even that hard! I did have to take a couple days and let Preston have some good naps but overall we played and played some more.  

Max asked if we could "go home" starting about 2 hours into the trip and asked at least twice every day we were there.  What is wrong with him??? Does he really love Ty that much?? weirdo! 

Wahooz... overpriced fun! Seriously... thanks to aunt Kylee for the gift card so I didn't have to have a complete heart attack.  Max and Ayla would have gone on this froggy ride the entire time. 

The ropes course there was pretty sweet...

$11 bucks for one go cart ride (after i already paid $20 for max..the things we do for kids).

Build-A-Bear with grandma for their Easter presents... no joke they were so pumped for this. 
Side note: look how tall Parx is

Max loves his westerns (cowboy movies as he calls them) and apparently so do the older boys..

Dinner and some Easter crafts at Grandma and Grandpa Johnston's house

Horseback riding at Uncle Tyler's... highlight of Max's week.  Would have been the highlight of Bridger's too if he didn't fall off and face plant into the mud on a running horse. Oops. Sometimes I should probably say no... but he got back on before the afternoon was over and still loves horses! 

While we were riding horses, Parx got to go bear hunting with uncle Tay Tay and Papa! He had sooo much fun looking for bears (first pic is of a bear in their scope), exploring and catching MONSTER carp in the lake.  Probably one of the better days of his life :).

Mom and I got our bake on... who knew such an explosion would happen if you left out the flour in cupcakes. 

Bonding with the cousins...

Park time... and I wish I would have taken a pic of my dad shootin hoops with the kids! He took them to the court every chance he got!

Ice blocking at the park

Jump Creek... this day was probably our favorite! Hiking, fishing, four wheeling... soooooooo much fun.  Definitely something we will do again!

the hiking crew... minus max because of course he didn't want to be in the picture.

But no worries... there he is! Why stop for a pic when there is so much fun to be had?

zonked out from the 4 wheelers

Max knows who to hang with if he wants to get some fish... parx is a fish catching maniac! And he's even nice enough to let Max let them all go.  Letting them go is all Max cares about :).

We even caught 2 crawdads

We went back to Moses Lake to hang out with Papa and Grandma Johnston for the weekend! The road trip was great besides Bridger puking ALL OVER HIMSELF 20 feet before a rest area turn off. We also celebrated this guys 31 years of life... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBS! Parx colored and framed this picture for him. It was the perfect ending to an incredible week of fun!