Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Bridger lost his first tooth! Holy moly this day seemed like it was never going to come. He has been dying watching all his friends lose teeth for 2 years now.  He just let me rip it out without a flinch, that money was worth any pain. I didn't realize he had a giant tooth coming in way behind his baby tooth...should make for a pretty messed up smile :). 

Totally worth the wait, just look at that excited kid!

Preston's birthday bash, or lack thereof

This little one has me wrapped around his finger.  That dimple kills me every time he smiles!  I don't know where the time has gone but this boy is sooo awesome. On his real birthday we had sprinkle pancakes, an Easter egg hunt for church playgroup and then baseball games and young woman's so not much was celebrated until the weekend.  


Some cute random pics of my boy...

playing hide and seek... sneeky sneeky 

He loves playing in the fridge water... it's really great.

He eats like a chipmunk and shoves so much food in his mouth at every meal.

Favorite show: Blaze
Favorite food: yogurt, applesauce and candy
Favorite thing to do: RUN, he backs up a few steps and then takes off with his head down
He loves his blanky when he goes to bed and usually wants to sleep with his sippy of water
He could eat all day long
He loves when Ty or I come home and wraps his arms around our legs in the best hug
Everything in our house has a child lock on it because this kid is dangerous.  He would crack every egg in the fridge and eat 10 yogurts a day if I didn't lock it up
I also have to hide my phone because he is crazy about kids you-tube
He loves pulling chairs around to get what he wants
He can throw a mean tantrum when he doesn't get the food he wants
Loves wiggle cars
Loves going to the park
Loves throwing rocks in water

I love the way he says, "I"m right huuurrrrrr" instead of here.
I love how Ty trained him to say " I love YOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU"
I love how he waves with a completely straight/stiff arm
I love his perfect little kisses

Height: 35 inches, 76th percentile
Weight: 33 lbs, 94th percentile

Sports overload

Max played soccer for the first time and he surprised us so much.  He was an aggressive little fart with a smile the entire time.  He is already asking when his next "soccer starts where he can score goals." 

2 people signed up to be coaches sooo that meant I volunteered to coach Bridger with my friend Zana.  It was actually super fun and I might even consider doing it again. Bridger is a maniac on the soccer field so he made it pretty easy and we went undefeated. Boo yaaaaa.  I'm pumped to send Bridger up to the next level in the fall.  (Bridge has the lime green socks)

It's baseball time now!! We have 4 games/week and now that the weather is nice I don't mind one bit.  Ty is coaching Bridger in the Rookies this season and Parx is playing minors.  Parx had his first try out and he knocked it out of the park.  He's obsessed with pitching and has been able to pitch in 2 games so far.  The first game he struggled but this last one he totally killed it!!! 
It is so fun to watch him blow bubbles with his gum, pitch, and fist pump when he throws a strike.  

parx batting... 


 Ty pitching to Bridger

Bridger batting

Mommy/Son date

These moments don't happen very often but when they do WE LIVE IT UP.  Mother/sons superhero night is an annual date night for the kiddos and me.  Next year Preston will join in on the party :).  Max was obsessed with it all and his face alone made it all worth it when he saw the bounce houses.  Parx and Bridger loved the dodge ball, carnival games, obstacle course, and lots more.
 I LOOVVED just being with my little dudes. 

Curry fever

These guys took off for the Warriors game in Portland on Valentines Day.  It was a memory I don't think any of them will forget. The warriors lost but lots of records were broken and it was a super close game. So glad they got to do this together.  I love father/son time... it makes my heart swell! Meanwhile Bridger got to choose where we eat, get ice cream and stay up late watching the game with Bree and me!  It was a good time for all of us. 

Then there were 5...

If I could be given a Raef right now I'd totally have 5 kids.  He got to stay with us while his mom was out of town for a week and these kids didn't sleep.  They were either playing cards in the dark, farting, laughing, playing truth or dare or who knows what else all night long.  Eventually they did fall asleep every night. We loved having him and my boys especially loved having him with us!

Dax and Brooks

Tyler did the stair climb in Seattle a couple months ago so we got to keep Dax and Brooks with us overnight! It was easy peazy and we loved every single second.  Cousin time is the best time-especially as they are getting older.  Fun little memories were made and I think Dax was sick of us by the time they got back.  Max pretty much thought they were conjoined twins and wouldn't give him any space... it was annoying i'm sure.